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How to make dairy- and gluten-free baked goods taste great

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I really like baking. I grew up in a family the place my mom was continuously making loaves of home made raisin bread, pumpkin muffins, and decadent pancakes from my great-grandfather’s recipe (it nonetheless has a cult following amongst our family and friends).

For many of my grownup life, I’ve carried on these traditions. Sadly, my son, who’s now a preschooler, has a whole lot of meals allergic reactions and sensitivities. The litany of issues contains dairy, gluten, quinoa (which is in a ton of gluten-free gadgets), eggs, oats that aren’t natural and certified-gluten free, peanuts, some tree nuts, and different random issues like mangoes, that are apparently the poison ivy of fruit as a result of they include urushiol, the oily sap additionally present in poison sumac, oak, and ivy.

In the course of the pandemic, my son’s allergic reactions have develop into extra problematic as lots of his less-than-popular meals choices have vanished from grocery cabinets. On the similar time, merchandise that didn’t beforehand trouble him are actually inflicting rashes. It’s the fallout of the FDA’s relaxed food labeling guidelines that permit meals producers the “flexibility” throughout COVID-19 to make “minor” ingredient adjustments with out updating their labels.

Consequently, cooking and particularly baking have these days develop into a lot much less enjoyable. However I don’t need my son dwelling off simply rice desserts, fruits, and greens. Over the previous 12 months, I’ve waded into the world of gluten-free vegan baking within the hopes of constructing him meals that really tastes good and gained’t give him a response.

After months of makes an attempt, I’ve had some success making gluten-free vegan baked items that don’t style like crap. It’s necessary to do not forget that vegan gluten-free meals won’t ever style precisely the identical as buttery-rich baked items. The depth simply isn’t there. However they are often gentle and nonetheless style scrumptious. Right here’s what I’ve discovered from my very own experiments and from speaking with different bakers.

Don’t confuse dairy-free with vegan, or why I don’t simply use applesauce

Baking is all about testing theories. “That’s why I adore it,” says Ali Graeme, proprietor of Sweet Ali’s Gluten Free Bakery, which has two areas within the Chicago suburbs. “Cooking is extra of an artwork and baking is extra of a science.”

I couldn’t agree extra. Precision and timing are key, particularly if you’re swapping out elements.

If a recipe requires vegan butter and dairy-free milk, I exploit Earth Balance Soy Free Buttery Sticks and Unsweetened Original Ripple, a plant-based, soy-free, non-GMO refrigerated pea protein “milk,” that has extra protein in it than almond milk or one other milk substitute. Don’t confuse dairy-free baking with egg-free or vegan. Many dairy-free gluten-free gadgets nonetheless have eggs in them, and there are vegan breads that aren’t gluten free. (The FDA says that gluten-free gadgets can nonetheless include small quantities of gluten, lower than 20 elements per million, whereas something licensed gluten-free has to have lower than 10 ppm.)

Eggs are extra of a difficulty. Historically, many individuals have changed eggs with applesauce (one-third of a cup of applesauce per egg). It’s low-fat and works effectively as a result of it provides moisture to desserts, cookies, and muffins. Nevertheless it isn’t a great binder for every thing, particularly in gadgets that use extra eggs.

Why do you have to care? As a result of eggs and gluten are each proteins, binding brokers that glue every thing collectively. Not having gluten or an egg in a recipe is a double whammy. Many dairy-free, gluten-free issues simply crumble, and that’s why many baked items are gluten-free or vegan however not often each. With out one or the opposite, baking is much more tough.

When a recipe requires just one or two eggs, it’s often straightforward to get away with utilizing an egg replacer. But when a recipe requires three or 4 eggs, it turns into problematic to make use of an egg swap, says Graeme, as a result of it impacts the flavour. So I’ve needed to resort to different strategies.

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Chia seeds

These are my customary go-to egg alternative. I choose Trader Joe’s Organic Chia Seeds. They are organic, inexpensive, easy to use, and a great source of plant protein.

Start a chia egg by scooping a tablespoon of chia seeds into a coffee mug or a large measuring cup. Heat water in a tea kettle, so it’s hot but not boiling. That’s important because if you add boiling water, you will scald the heck out of your egg and it will smell burnt. Stir together to combine the water and chia seeds for 30 seconds to a minute. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, maybe stirring once or twice again, until it turns into a gelatinous speckled blob that you can plop into your recipe.

I frequently use chia eggs in gluten-free vegan cornbread. If you’re going for the store-bought variety, I prefer the Easy Fact Natural Gluten Free Cornbread Baking Combine bought at Mariano’s (which is owned by Kroger). The Minimalist Baker weblog additionally has a great vegan gluten-free cornbread recipe.

The one disadvantage with making chia eggs: you will notice the chia seeds in no matter you’re baking. They seem as black dots, like poppy seeds in poppy seed bread. You should utilize a meals processor to grind them up. I’m often rushed on time and don’t trouble.

Mixing a combination chia/Neat Egg

Mixing a mixture chia/Neat Egg
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Neat Egg

My favourite egg replacer proper now’s Neat Egg. I like it because it’s a quick and easy non-GMO egg replacer that’s full of plant protein, and it’s certified gluten-free.

Be prepared: it’s the color of grayish-brown poop. (No, it doesn’t smell like it.) That’s because it’s a mixture of garbanzo beans and chia eggs that has been pulverized into a powder. But it does look a little gross until you mix it in.

Unlike chia seeds, which are also great to use but are quite obvious in your baked goods unless you grind them up, Neat Egg is not detectable. It’s like a smooth secret agent, which makes life easier when you have a little kid who points out every lump or bump.

To use Neat Egg, start by putting one tablespoon in a coffee mug and add two tablespoons of hot (not boiling) water. Stir together for about 30 to 60 seconds until it congeals into a gooey blob that resembles Jell-O.

Let it sit for a couple of minutes. Make sure all the powder has been incorporated so you won’t have a powdery gross mess on your hands, and then add it to your baking mixture. If a recipe calls for two eggs, I’ll typically mix one Neat Egg and one chia egg together for the perfect egg replacer.

I use Neat Egg a lot in my go-to banana bread recipe by Audrey Roberts, author of the weblog Mama Is aware of Gluten Free and The Every little thing Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Cookbook.


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Have to make one thing gentle, fluffy and meringue-like? Aquafaba is an effective method to do it. That is chickpea brine, the liquid drained from canned garbanzo beans (additionally known as chickpeas). It would sound gross, however don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

Drain the liquid from a can of chickpeas and save the brine in a separate bowl. It would seem like egg whites. Three tablespoons equal one egg, two tablespoons equal one egg white. Cream of tartar may help stabilize it. (A ratio of ¼ cup of brine to ¼-½ teaspoon of cream of tartar often works.) Beat the tartar and brine like loopy with a whisk or mixer till it turns into frothy like meringue. This may take wherever from one to 5 minutes, relying on which instrument you’re utilizing. Add to your recipe.

Attempt utilizing aquafaba with this gluten-free vegan chocolate cake recipe by Sarah Nevins of A Saucy Kitchen. Aquafaba will also be used to make macarons or in frosting.

Baking powder

Need fluffy pancakes? Use baking powder (not baking soda) as an egg replacer to make them puff up. Use 1½ tablespoons baking powder to exchange one egg. Make certain to let the batter rise for 5 minutes or it gained’t mix proper.

It’s additionally necessary to notice that sure mixtures like Bob’s Red Mill Paleo Pancake Mix (which is gluten-free) style nice if you happen to use an actual egg, however style flat and look grey if you happen to use a substitute. Do this vegan, gluten-free pancake or waffle recipe by Kelly Roenicke of The Fairly Bee. My favourite gluten-free, dairy-free pancake combine by Pamela’s Merchandise was, sadly, one of many issues that stopped being made in the course of the pandemic.

Adding a flax egg to muffin mix

Including a flax egg to muffin combine
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Graeme likes utilizing flax eggs in her chocolate chip cookies and brownies as a result of, she says, “it’s straightforward to come up with,” and could be purchased in bulk. They’re additionally straightforward to make.

As with making a chia egg or Neat Egg, measure out the bottom flaxseed one tablespoon at a time right into a cup or mug. Add scorching—not boiling—water, stir it, and let it “plump up”; this could take lower than 5 minutes. (I often use one tablespoon of flaxseed to a few tablespoons of scorching water to exchange an egg.) It would seem like a giant blob of goo. Some folks use chilly water and put the combination within the fridge, however I don’t advocate it, as a result of it takes longer and doesn’t gel as effectively.

You should purchase flaxseed meal (which is already pre-ground) or complete flaxseeds and grind them your self (I choose the latter as a result of I should purchase natural and licensed gluten-free). Freeze no matter you don’t use instantly or it would go rancid fairly shortly. It would preserve for just a few months within the freezer.

Flaxseed—which is available in brown or golden varieties—nonetheless has some plant protein, about 1.9 grams of protein per tablespoon. That is far lower than the 4.7 grams per tablespoon in chia seeds, according to the USDA. It nonetheless has plenty of fiber and omega-Three fatty acids, although. It’s additionally low carb, if you happen to’re following a keto weight loss program.

“I like [ground] flaxseed as a result of it gels up like an egg and has the same consistency,” says Avra Epstein, a Toronto-based contracts lawyer and Instagram influencer who blogs about her vegan life-style at Love Wild Live Free. “It at all times works effectively and you may’t inform the distinction in a recipe.”

Epstein nonetheless makes use of applesauce in a few of her vegan recipes. However for one thing like potato pancakes, “you want one thing that’s going to bind issues collectively,” she says. What’s why she makes use of flaxseed as an egg replacer in her baked (not fried) potato latke pancakes recipe.

Different egg swaps

There are many different inventive egg replacers. In pancakes, Graeme will exchange eggs with bananas, one ripe mashed banana per egg. Equally, for flourless and fudgy brownies, swap every egg with 1 / 4 cup of avocado. This additionally works in vegan avocado brioche.

For vegan bread or pizza dough, strive psyllium husk, a dietary plant fiber. It’s a milled seed husk of psyllium seeds that develop on a plant generally known as desert plantain or desert Indian wheat. (Fiber-rich laxatives similar to Metamucil and Fiberall additionally include psyllium husk powder, so don’t overdo it an excessive amount of.) Combine psyllium husk powder with water and it’ll gel immediately, so be ready with a whisk. Do this low-carb psyllium flatbread recipe, this pizza dough, or this vegan bread recipe.

Once you’re beginning out, strive utilizing only one egg replacer at a time, particularly if you happen to’re baking for somebody with meals allergic reactions or sensitivities. When baking something that’s gluten-free and vegan, it’s greatest to let the recipe relaxation a few minutes between steps to permit all of the elements to meld.

Should you get annoyed, bear in mind: making gluten-free, vegan baked items will get simpler with time and follow. And if you happen to mess up, you’ll be able to at all times eat the cookie batter with out worrying about getting sick.

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