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’80s-Inspired Blush Contouring Technique on TikTok

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Very seldom does a magnificence pattern that was as soon as sizzling and completely all over the place keep previously. It would take years, if not many years, however practically every part comes again finally. (Besides, possibly, stick-thin eyebrows. These can keep within the ’90s.) It is enjoyable to see makeup-lovers on TikTok breathe new life into outdated traits, together with the most recent: 1980s-inspired blush contouring.

I stumbled throughout a video on TikTok that went viral by Alena Giuliani (@alenaavictoriaa) the place she was exhibiting viewers how you can contour with blush. The approach she demonstrated includes strategically applying blush to totally different areas of your face to make it seem leaner and your cheekbones greater. It is much like contouring with a bronzer, besides you apply it in another way. The make-up approach is not far off from blush draping, which was fashionable within the ’80s and concerned making use of blush with a heavy hand to your temples and tops of your cheekbones, versus simply the apples like we do now.

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